Our team

Linda Zeiler (23)


Linda manages the project together with Philipp. In addition, she coordinates route planning with Uwe. At our benefit concerts she plays piano and flute.


Linda works full-time in the human resources department of a city administration.


Philipp Zeiler (27)


In addition, he is the central contact for the organizations that are supported.

At our benefit concerts, he plays the organ in such a way that you sometimes wonder how it can survive. Philipp works full-time in the IT department of an insurance company.

Uwe Kirchhoff (55)


Uwe is our self-proclaimed "tour grandfather" and primarily responsible for the good mood in the team. Posters, flyers and everything that has to do with design or advertising are his responsibility. He shares the task of route planning with Linda. At our concerts he convinces with his voice when singing. Uwe works full-time as a key account manager for a steel company.