Herzenstour (tour of the heart) 2022


fourth Herzenstour on the Elbe Cycle Path

On August 12, 2022 we will arrive in the city of Riesa. Normally, the cyclists always recommend that you should rather ride the Elbe Cycle Path upstream, as you can usually count on a tailwind. But after surviving the constant rain and headwind on the Weser Cycle Path, we are ready to take on a new challenge and ride the Elbe Cycle Path downstream. Our destination will be the beautiful, small town of Lauenburg (near Hamburg).


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For which non-profit association is the Herzenstour 2022 taking place?


The money that we collect at this year's heart tour is for the association "Krebskranke Kinder in Not e.V." (Children in Need with Cancer) in Jessen (Zahna-Elster) determined.

This association puts its heart and soul into helping families who are confronted with the issue of cancer. The association has set itself the task of fulfilling children's wishes or enabling therapies that are not financed by health insurance companies. For example, dolphin therapy was funded in Florida. You can find the story on the organization's website. We find this work very important and have therefore decided to support the association with our campaign.


That was Herzenstour 2021 - 10.000 euros for "Initiative Eltern krebskranker Kinder e.V." ("the parents of children with cancer initiative")



We were able to collect 10.000 euros for the initiative in Minden on the 2021 tour of hearts, which led along the Weser cycle path. In the pictures below you can see the donation handover. The money was used, among other things, to finance the expansion of an interactive game. We tried it out right away and had a lot of fun with it.